Are you interested in developing a franchisee with THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE

  • With low initial investment and healthy returns
  • With the ability to grow with very low risk
  • In a large industry with ample opportunity
  • With a product that is far superior to anything simila
  • And make a positive difference to children and society

Then becoming a franchise partner of THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE is the way to go!

The Flow

We have been very conscious in our approach to make sure we add value to all the processes we touch, for both, our Franchise Partners and our students.The fact that you are reading this document states your interest to explore the possibility of some kind of association with us, so if you are able to finish reading this, and still feel you are interested and think ,what we are offering can really be a win-win for both you and THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™, then please fill in the franchisee application and mail us for setting our next meeting where we would like to show you the content as well as share with you the business model in detail. Once we receive your duly filled FA , and our team of experts has reviewed it, we will like to meet you and your team to discuss the outcome of the assessment. After obtaining the needful inputs the actual process of our association starts towards signing up the agreement and closer of the business deal. Once the Agreement process is done with and out of the way, we will set a timeline to get the center all up-graded and get the makeover done, by then the Teacher training program starts which is for about a week and then you and your Teacher are part of the Élite unit of “THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ CERTIFIED Teacher ”, something to be proud of……and then we are in business.

Instructor Materials

You will receive a complete set of aasignments and a detailed teacher guide for each chapter and class. This includes the Science, Commerce teaching system

Teacher Training You will receive training and be certified to be a THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE teacher. There are three areas of training. Training covers the subject materials, teaching methods builds competence in handling different kinds of children, and methodology training covers our custom training system

Student Materials

For each student, you will receive a Practice Book, Assignment and question Kit all provided in an attractive bag for the student to carry. The student will continue with their prescribed school book but have these as additional supplemental materials

Assessment and Reporting

You will be provided with a full set of question papers that can be administered as required. The assessments will be corrected by THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE. The marks and analysis will be available to you, children and parents, along with remedial actions

Support Systems

You will have access to many support systems including scheduling, student and parent communication, student management, student reporting and parent helpdesk

Marketing Collateral

You will receive the marketing kit (including videos, posters, brochures, leaflets) and a webpage of your own.


Leads from the THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE website as well as through any other marketing programs Franchisee > Reasons to join THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE

Getting new students.

While you will need to find students in your market, THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE will support you in the following ways

  • Training on conveying the benefits of THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE compared to any other alternative.
  • Initial Launch. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE will participate with you in spreading awareness about your association with us and the products on offer through a number of activities
  • Ongoing Marketing support due to the THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE brand and web presence. As parents and children start to visit and use the Second School site, they will find your name there as well. We will also provide leads that we get in your territory

THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE does a number of things to free up your time for actual teaching

  1. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE will correct all assignments (not practice) and upload student performance onto the system.
  2. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE will design all required content. Effort spent in making worksheets will no longer be required. The changes expected to now flow down to lower classes due to the change in the CBSE system will be fully provided for.
  3. You will have IT support. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE will provide scheduling and student administration system to take care of all extra activities.

A solid learning system

THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE uses a strong, research based learning system developed by exceptional and experienced teachers. There are many aids that you will receive that will help teach better

  • Student materials including a ready reckoner, practice workbook and individual assignments , for each student
  • Teacher materials including a teacher-guide, software system for teaching, and a web interface for selecting questions for special tests
  • Test papers with questions and answer keys to make correcting much easier
  • Training on teaching methods as well as on the correct usage of the learning system

Regular training and skill upgradation

THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE is continually in touch with the various boards and is always aware of changes being proposed or made in the system. These changes are immediately incorporated into the methodology so that our materials are always current.

THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE continually provides seminars and teacher training to continually enhance your skills and ensuring that you are updated on the latest concepts and methods

Belonging to the THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE community

There will be regular interactions between THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE and our MENTORS. This will be through a newsletter, regular CONTACT and other joint activities You will be able to talk to others to find out solutions to problems that you may be facing and to exchange notes on experiences.


At THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE, our biggest consideration is the quality of learning provided. To that end, there are some critical requirements

  • ubject Knowledge. This is done through a formal paper modelled on the lines of a question paper for that class. Near perfect marks will be required to qualify
  • Teaching Guidelines. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE has an approach towards teaching that must be followed by each teacher. These are based on some simple techniques which will be provided to you. It is important to have strong communication abilities as well. These will be assessed on a face-to-face session
  • The methodology followed by THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE is unique. A training session is organized at convenient locations after which each teacher is required to prepare and present a session for final certification

There are three attempts allowed for clearing the certification exam.

  • Agreement to follow the process. While there is flexibility provided within the learning system, there are some aspects critical to its effectiveness. The most important is regular assessment and entering the marks. If this is not done correctly, the entire adaptive learning and feedback process is compromised.
  • Conforming to the THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE method. While the THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE methodology allows some flexibility in execution, the basic model and approach cannot be altered.
  • Regular sessions. Sessions should not be postponed or cancelled unless there is a major emergency
  • Additional requirements. Depending on the model, there will be some infrastructure that you will need to provide. This can range from

    • A laptop or a computer. This is required both to impart education and to connect with THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE for assessment and reporting
    • Infrastructure when there can be multiple students at a time. This will include a rooms of at least 800sq ft that can have the appropriate layout.
    • We are happy to provide additional information about the program if you write to us – you can use the form provided on the Home Page on the site for this purpose. We will send you a agreement with more information.