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From the Desks of our MANAGING DIRECTOR

Dear Friends

We are taking this opportunity to share with you our vision, mission, passion and the excitement we carry, to bring this after school product and concept of, M/s., SYNERGIC GURUKUL INSTITUTE PRIVATE LIMITED…..The Modern-Age Smart Coaching Centers.


We all are in some or other way are very closely related to the school going kids, either as a Parent or Uncle-Aunt or Brother-Sister or Grand Parents, if none of these, then a neighbor or a well – wisher. We all know that in today’s School scenario the focus is on the coverage of syllabus and not on students understanding of the subject. In other words it’s a Pressure out there, and we don’t blame the teachers for this as they are already over burdened. Rather than playing a blame game and pointing a finger to the education system, we have decided to take some action on the ground.

It was a no-brainer to pick out the next most obvious place, other than regular schools where our wards go to study and are exposed to educational content. The existing tuition centers (home based or commercially run), for which we decided to bring in the already proven methodology of Interactive Smart Class into existing and or new tuition Centers, and help the tutors to render a very process oriented transparent and accountable teaching system, with technology drive international standard educational tools. And, SYNERGIC GURUKUL INSTITUTE PRIVATE LIMITED…..The Modern-Age Smart Coaching Centers. was born. We are entrepreneurs, and have responsibility of our team, so ideology alone would not fulfill the daily need of ours and that is exactly what you are thinking this time, the commercial aspect of this business.

The Opportunity is BIG, according to the report “Indian Education – Sector Outlook” by CLSA published in March of 2008, it very clearly stated that “Augmented teaching outside the classroom is a big business in India”. Being a largely urban phenomenon, the numbers add up to a market worth an estimated US$ 5.3bn. It is the biggest segment associated with K-12 and the third biggest segment in the education industry overall”, hence we are not the only once saying it is BIG. We all know that parents today do not want to compromise with their kid’s education they are spending, and will spend, as per their financial strengths. We wanted to make sure that whatever we charge (one of the best pricing in the market though), our products and services have to be worth the money, in other words all our stake holders (Tutor | Student | Parents) have to get value for every Rupee they spend with us on the education. That is our little story and from here on, we would want it to be OUR story (YOU + US = OUR) Please take some time to read on our business association proposal and wherever you need any further clarifications, please feel free to reach us at the below given contact details.

Managing Director
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The Concept behind our program

Today’s student wants immediate interactivity with the learning material they are using, our program is developed with this reality in mind. The purpose is to empower our tutors to integrate technology effectively into their classroom instruction. The methodology is organized around a scientific inquiry framework covering the 6th-12th curriculum for Science, Math, Commerce and other supplementary subjects. The Teaching style is designed based on the concept of 5E’s, to encourage exploration, stimulate critical thinking, and deepens understanding of concepts in these subjects. It’s about engaging students to reach their highest potential and retention of learning experience for a longer time. We accelerate student achievement in our SYNERGIC GURUKUL INSTITUTE PRIVATE LIMITED…..The Modern-Age Smart Coaching Centers. by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of multimedia content, tapping into their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

The bigger picture of our program:

  • It focuses on the essential concepts, principles, and skills required for mastery of each subject.
  • It will address to student differences like: physical, cultural, interests, readiness to learn, learning profiles, and learning styles.
  • We understand, specialize and balance well, both group and individual learning norms.
  • It is flexible in pacing as well as in the type of materials used and the various ways in which these materials are used for helping the students, improve their retention

The Learning Brain

Learning Profile

How a student learns is shaped by their Preferences, culture, learning style, etc…


A student’s affinity, curiosity and / or passion for a particular topic or subject


Student’s entry point relation to a particular concept and understanding it

Up-gradation & Branding of the Center

We will suggest you with designs for a makeover of you center, by means of look and feel (interiors) it will be totally in line to our Best design theme The Classrooms are recommended to have the following hardware:

  • Desk-Top PC, with either 32 ” monitor or LCD screen
  • Biometric attendance system (one for the center, a 10K Market price product)
  • Air conditioner (must in all classrooms)
  • Document printer (must have one for the center)

Student Kit

Each student is provided with a well designed branded kit bag our students love to carry everywhere. The kit comprises of high quality Printed work sheets for all the subjects, Quick reference booklets for all subjects, which are highly useful for revisions and they supplement the school textbooks.

Content & Teacher Tools

“Content is the King” as commonly stated. I guess we have already explained what kind of library will be available for you and the students. Over and above that there would be CCE test sections mapped to each chapter for all subjects. There is a Question bank of More than Lac questions for the Teachers to use and create their own test. Our evaluation styles follow both the Formative and Summative assessment. There would be a central test taken twice a month across all THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ centers, take a paper test, both will be invigilated by THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE Faculty at the head office and a comprehensive report will be shared with each parent givingthe improvements graphs and comparative study of their child’s performance and progress

Head Centre Support:

We are always a call away from you and our students and their parents. We will run both the in-bound process to address to any support issues or complaints, where as our outbound will proactively take feedback and suggestions from you, students and their parents

Sales & Marketing

THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ has a very professional approach towards the brand building and marketing, with a highly experienced and skilled team we will make sure that in no time THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ becomes more like a synonyms of Coaching, and we have a very well planed road map to achieve this Target .There is a local and a national level marketing strategy, which includes but not limited to, media like Print /publications, Internet, cable, radio, hording, Live Links etc, depending on the budget and marketing policy of the company. A lot of emphases will be given on promotional events involving students and their parents on a micro level, which will be both educative, and entertaining

What We Require:

As they say Location, Location & Location are the three most important elements for any retail operation, so we need to make sure the center is ideally located and caters to all the points below

  1. Safe & approachable area, for students to reach and stay till about 8 PM
  2. High visibility, for having prominent signage and walk-ins
  3. In an area where School going kids visit often
  4. One of the very important thing, it has to be in the vicinity of thickly populated residential area
  5. Approved to operate a Coaching centre by the concern authorities
  6. The inside, has to have space for min three classrooms, reception + waiting area, with air- conditioning
  7. The Classrooms should comfortably host 15 to 20 student chairs, with enough moving space
  8. The Classrooms have to be well lit, and ventilated.

Time to talk about Finances

The snapshot: (Suggestive)

  1. Very Low Investment (comparing to the returns), in the range of 6 to 8 Lac
  2. Very low start-up fee of Two Lacs Non Refundable
  3. High net margins 20 to 35%

Franchise Partnering options { Initial 2 TWO year term}


  1. Content Library: Question Bank, Full and Half Test Papers with solved solutions and explanations for each chapter as per their topics, NCERT Solutions, Lesson Plans etc…
  2. Student Kit: A kit bag (optional), practice text books for all subjects, and activity materials (Production cost of Rs.1500 Per student
  3. Brochures + Various forms + other marketing materials (need to be paid for if required in hard copy)

B For the 11th& 12th JEE MAINS scheme

We bring the following:

  1. Content Library: Question Bank, Full and Half Test Papers with solved solutions and explanations for each chapter as per their topics, NCERT Solutions, Lesson Plans etc…
  2. Student Kit: A kit bag (optional), practice text books for all subjects, and activity materials (Production cost of Rs.8000 to Rs.8500 Per student)
  3. Brochures + Various forms + other marketing materials

Operational Expenditures

Recurring Expenses are under the following head: Rent & Maintenance, Faculty cost, marketing and Fixed Content License fees Profit Margin is in the range of 25% to 35% on optimum capacity utilization.


Student Fee is the primary source of revenue, the fee structure is pre determined, but has the flexibility depending on the City and location, the major factors of higher or lower fees will be Rent, Faculty and other recurring expenses, thus the profitability be almost in the same range in percentile

Lets do some Business Math

A Three-classroom center will have the total capacity of about 220 to 240 students with 15- 20 students per batch in 6th to 8th class and 18-20 students in 9th to 10th class, so let’s have the following two case scenario calculations:

  1. At 35% capacity utilization you will have 45 students, with the fees @ 25000/- your total revenue will be 11.25Lac. Annual estimated expenses in a leased out center would be 10Lac so even with 35% capacity utilization your revenue will be positive in the first year.
  2. With 100% capacity utilization you will have about 130 students the total revenue is 32.50Lac and the expenses will not grow more than 35% as considered above which will be about 11 Lac with a net profit of almost 22Lac/annum

Are you ready to be the part of growing business?

We will need you to be the following:

  • You should be Passionate about education
  • You have to be doing this full time, not as a pert time or on-the-side kind of business activity
  • You should have at least basic knowledge of the Education system and understanding of the Coaching market.
  • You should be some one who is customer centric, with high priority to customer service & Satisfaction.
  • You are someone who is well aware of the area you are starting your center in and also people in that area are known to you personnaly.
  • You should be financially strong and have the availability of funds to first invest in the Infrastructure and marketing and also to sustain till you get revenue positive

What we do to help you in supporting the business?


Support on products and services can be segregated as follows:


  • Student Materials. On chargeable basis
  • Teacher Materials. Teachers receive the technology driven study materials properly organized as per the school curriculum which includes content to be used in class, a teacher guide with guidelines of use, Assessment papers, Question papers with solutions
  • Online Resources. Students can access this for summaries of class instruction, additional tests and structured online resources for further references on our website


  • Question Paper Bank and Report available online.
  • Teacher Certification. All faculty will be certified and trained by THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ We will provide the required training and then certify the teachers.
  • Centre Setup Support. We also help in set-up the centre locations, layouts and equipment
  • System Management. All student management is automated. Hence once the data of a student is entered into the system, the complete access of online, assessment, accessing of content etc.

Marketing Support

  • Marketing Support. THE GURUKUL INSTITUTE™ will do the brand marketing and the national level marketing as appropriate. This will include online advertising, centralized call centre support, data sharing with centres and carrying school promotional activities.
  • Product Training to the partners / centre sales team. Regards,

Call us at 0120-4103040 , 4123040